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Perfection in the Details

"Just you let good guys come together and they produce right away," said architect Ivan Chuvelev in the far-off 1996. As a matter of fact, the catchphrase has become philosophy for the creative team now known as the ARCH4. Their maiden project, the airplane apartment, came into being in 1997 and has made a real breakthrough. It's no joke to integrate air bomber elements into a small-size dwelling, have it adapted to the existing environment and make the owner feel happy onboard. The project, just like any other ARCH4 venture, communicated ultimate accomplishment and wholeness in every detail.

Our credo is making the full use of teamwork, since complex projects invariably depend on the skill and creativity of every hand. This is the approach we apply to all projects from the Stoleshnikov Lane boutiques in Moscow and private homes to major city-wide assignments.

Playing in the top league is a tricky affair. Striving to be on par with the world's best standards, we do not only finesse every detail over and over again but also employ the state-of the-art professional feats, all that thanks to the merger with our Swiss partner. As a result, the ARCH4 has expanded into an international company to fuse the time-honored Swiss-watch quality with the uninhibited Russian imagination. That's why it is quite natural that we operate in four languages - Russian, English, German and French.

We have learned to respect the project budget and at all times operate within its strict limits. Devoted to excellence, we neither surcharge nor breach deadlines. And when the commissioning grand day comes, we do feel a bit sad to give our brainchild away.